[In English]

What is the IFS (Interfaculty Student Council)?

What do we do?
The interfaculty student council medical engineering of the universities Tübingen and Stuttgart. We are students of the inter-university undergraduate bachelor course medical engineering as well as the graduate master course medical engineering of the University of Stuttgart and the graduate master courses biomedical technologies and medical radiation sciences of the University of Tübingen.

Where do we meet?
We meet every two weeks on wendsdays in Tübingen (in the learning rooms in the Silcherstraße 5) and Stuttgart (Pfaffenwaldring 9, 70569 Stuttgart) and transmit the meetings as a video conference so that it is an interactive experience.

How can I become active?
Come and join us at one of our student council meetings, please be aware that our meetings are held entirely in German. Check your emails if you want to join, as all our meetings are announced in advance through the mailing lists.

How can get in touch?
If you have any questions or suggestions please send us an email to info(a/t)fs-medtech.de

Questions concerning application or the start of your studies?
We are happy to help you! ersties(a/t)fs-medtech.de

Learning spaces and reference library

In Tübingen we have learning spaces with an included reference library available for all bachelors students and the masters students of Tübingen, here you also find the rooms in which we hold our biweekly student council meetings. You can reach the rooms by taking the bus to the stop “Hölderlinstraße”, this stop is only a few meters from the learning rooms and is frequented by many different bus lines coming from the main station (8, 13, 18, 19). You can also take the bus number 5 to the stop “Gmelinstraße”  which is also quite near to the rooms. Many buses coming from the clinics also stop at “Hölderlinstraße”. Please check the naldo-site for more information regarding busses: Naldo Website
The exact adress is Silcherstraße 5, 72076 Tübingen: Google Maps

The reference library in the learning rooms is open at certain hours and has around 120 books about biomedical technologies, but also about maths, physics, biology, chemistry etc. in German and English. Starting from the 11.4.2016 the reference library and the rental of books as well as lab coats and safety goggles is available at the following hours:
Monday: 12:30pm – 3:30pm
Thursday: 8:45am – 11:45 am

Administration and contact information

Executive commitee of our student council:
1st chairman: Eric Neuhaus
2nd chairman: Jakob Fassbender
3rd chairman: Julian-Samuel Gebühr

Semester representatives:
5th semester: Larissa Eiler, Jakob Faßbender
th semester: Carolin Danker, Leander Heisterberg
semester: Niko Mangold, Laura Löhnert

Master Biomedical Technologies in Tübingen:
3th semester: Hannah Bauer, Miguel Garcia
semester: Tatjana Vatter, Dominic Kleinknecht

Master Medical Radiation Sciences (Medizinische Strahlenwissenschaften) in Tübingen:
3th semester: Eric Neuhaus, Felix Rogge
semester: Iris Wölwitsch, Manuel Soldani

Master Medical Engineering (Medizintechnik) in Stuttgart:
3th semester: Freya-Elin Hämmerling, Philipp Matten

Learning spaces + reference library: Manuela Zimmer and Julian-Samuel Gebühr hiwi(a/t)fs-medtech.de
Web page: Andreas Hochenauer webmaster(a/t)fs-medtech.de